Miss Llewellyn Matthews Hemingray

Attended Dance Party Hosted by Carl O'Harra and Harry Cates


Publication: The Muncie Daily Times

Muncie, IN, United States

A party of young people enjoyed a dancing party in Bishop's hall last evening given by Messrs. Carl O'Harra and Henry Cates. The guests were : Misses Maud Neely, Fannie Turner, Clara Koons, Emily Olcott, Louise Anthony, Emma Kingsbury, Eva Winchester, Llewellyn Hemingray, Edith Kirby, Reba Koons, Florence McNaughton, and Mrs. Susan Thomas; Messrs, A. S. Richey, John Sprowl, Leo Ganter, Jay Lee Turner, Carl Osterle, Luke Cropper, Robt. Walker, Arthur Cassady, J. Walter Brown, and Walter Baker.


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