Notes about Phillip McAbee, shows drawing of him, and small sketch of him carrying insulator on his back


Publication: The Muncie Evening Press

Muncie, IN, United States

Muncie Folks




Philip W. McAbee


Mr. McAbee is a military man. The fact is evident in his bearing and answers questions in a direct, almost curt, manner. We were able to extract the following information from him: Born in Cleveland. Educated at Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass. Lieutenant-Colonel during the world war. Worked at the contracting business in Cleveland prior to the international fracas. Came to Muncie at the conclusion of hostilities. Is a son-in-law of the late Mr. Hemingray, the founder of the company which McAbee now heads as president.

From his friends we learned that he is president of the Rotary Club and an influence for the good in all civic affairs. He is also a member the Chamber of Commerce.

His hobby, we are advised, is golf. His ability with the mashie must be left to the imagination of the reader for there is no available information concerning his skill at the Scotch pastime. W. E. GRACE.

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