Owens Illinois Plant addition made of glass bricks - picture of addition


Publication: The Muncie Sunday Star

Muncie, IN, United States
vol. 59, no. 56, p. 12 Sect. 2, col. 2-5

Owens-Illinois Plant Addition Built of Glass Bricks




Shown above is an interior view of the building recently constructed at the Owens-Illinois Glass Company plant here of glass building bricks manufactured at the factory.

The building, which is to be a permanent unit of the plant, is used as a packing room for glass insulators and is 160 feet long by 60 feet wide. The side walls are constructed wholly of the hollow glass blocks, which were developed under the direction of W. P. Zimmerman, manager of the local plant.

The blocks are pressed in halves and welded together by a special process developed at the Muncie plant. Prior to that time Muncie plant officials perfected the method, no practical method of joining glass to foreign substances was known. Local officials also perfected a method of joining the glass bricks together and to mortar surfaces by means of a specially devised cement.

The new building blocks are expected to replace sheet glass surfaces, as well as other wall and partition materials, in the future building operations.

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