Carroll Hemingray McAbee will creates trust estate


Publication: The Muncie Star

Muncie, IN, United States

McAbee Will


Trust Estate


Mrs. M. Carroll H. McAbee, wife of Philip W. McAbee, who died February 26, at Cocoa, Fla., left a will establishing a trust estate, the value of which is not estimated in the formal application by the Fletcher Trust Company, Indianapolis, named trustee. Witnesses to the will, filed yesterday for probate, were Louise Sherman and Fred J. Capp [sic] Crapo.

The trustee is to pay all taxes incidental to settlement of the estate, and any debts, also expenses of last illness and funeral. Lucille C. Jones of Muncie, is bequeathed $500. The husband is to receive all jewelry, silverware, automobiles, pictures, the library and household goods, the balance going to the trustee.

The net income of the trust estate isto be paid the husband during his lifetime, the trustee being directed to manage the estate, making collections and reinvestments. If upon the death of the husband, there remains funds, in the trust these are bequeathed in equal shares to Mary V. McAbee of Cleveland, a sister-in-law of the testatrix, and Maude E. Blackstone, a friend, of Waukesha, Wis., or to their heirs, if they are deceased. The trust will terminate upon the death of the husband.

A provision of the will is that no heir is to have the right to pledge, assign, mortgage, sell or to anticipate any share in the trust estate.

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