Hemingray Will Creates 2 Trust Funds


Publication: The Muncie Star

Muncie, IN, United States
p. 1,9, col. 3,1


Will Creates

2 Trust Funds


The will of Mrs. Eva H. Hemingray, widow of Ralph Hemingray, long a glass manufacturer of Muncie, which provides for disposition of' her estate of an approximate value of $100,000, was admitted for probate yesterday. A cousin, Fred M. Crapo, president of the Indiana Steel and Wire Company, and the Merchants Trust Company are named joint executors and trustees for one of two trust estates created by the will.

Mrs. Hemingray died February 21. The will was written October 18, 1946, and witnessed by J. W. Poorman and W. Eugene Gibson.

Fred M. Crapo is bequeathed in addition to $15,000 cash all jewelry, household effects, furnishings, rugs and other personal property, including automobiles.

The sum of $10,000 is to be placed in trust, with Dorothy Conner Crapo of Rushville named as trustee, for the education of the trustee's daughter, Barbara Ann Crapo.

To Amanda Jordan Springer, Chicago, is given $2,000. The sum, of $1,000 goes to James King Jordan, Chicago.

Elmer Cloyd and his wife, Emma, colored, long employed as help in the Hemingray home, are each to receive sums of $1,000.

Another trust is created from the residue of the estate, income from this trust, under the management of Fred M. Crapo and the Merchants Trust Company, is to go to Helen I. Crapo and husband, George Swafford Crapo. At their deaths the income will go to their two children. The trust is to continue for a long period of years.

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