Daniel Carroll Hemingray

A Strange Experience


Publication: The Muncie Daily Times

Muncie, IN, United States

A Strange Experience.


John Hamilton and Dan Hemingray have been commercial men for many years. Yesterday they were taking dinner together at the Stag when Hamilton said:

"Perhaps one of the strangest experiences I ever had was in connection with the terrible Ashtabula accident. It was by the narrowest escape that I missed it. I had been in that city for a day and a half and had made arrangements to take that very train when, as I stepped out of the hotel, I had some trouble with a stranger. He was about half drunk, ready to fight, and when I happened to jostle him he turned and punched my head. Of course I had to punch back, and we were both arrested and locked up. One of my customers bailed me out, and rushing to the hotel I grabbed my satchel and was off for the train. I was within a block of the depot when I" "When you fell over a dog and was delayed and didn't catch the train," said Dan Hemingray.

"Just so, sir. But how did you know?"

"Oh, I've heard that story told by 15 different men."

"Did they all say it was a bulldog?"

"Every one of them."

"And they were so grateful to him that they bought him a silver collar?"

"Quite true."

"And they presented the man who raised the row on the street with them with $50?"

"Just $50, sir."

"Then all I've got to say," said Hamilton, "is that the mysteries of life are past finding out." Cincinnati Enquirer.


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