The Donation Party, Ralph Hemingray listed


Publication: The Muncie Daily Times

Muncie, IN, United States


Many Contributions for Sweet Charity Are Received.

The donation party given yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. T. F. Hart on West Jackson street for the benefit of the Associated Charities demonstrated what great good can be done when each of a number of person donates a little. Mrs. Hart sent out two hundred invitations and one hundred and forty-six persons brought donations of small value, yet in the aggregate they amount to considerable and enable the charitable work to go on. Among the donations were sacks of flour and cornmeal, packages of sugar, coffee and groceries, bundles of clothing, baskets of potatoes, canned fruits and in fact everything that will enable the association to meet the demands of the needy.

The following ladies assisted Mrs. Hart during the afternoon and also made donations of cream, sugar, doughnuts and coffee which were served each guest: Mesdames John F. Wildman, J.H. Smith, Fred W. Heath, W.A. McNaughton, J. Edgar Johnson, William Ault, Misses Lizzie Maring, Emma Maring, Mary Meyers and Erma Morris. Those who assisted in the culinary department were Misses Marie Welch and Nell Cavanaugh and Mrs. Hannah McFadden, who donated their services for the afternoon. Socially the afternoon was a very enjoyable affair as well as a profitable one to the association. The cash donations to the cause amount to $19.60, contributed in small sums.

Those who contributed were Mesdames Anna Ireland, C.B. Templer, T.F. Hart, William Ault, John Ellis, John F. Wildman, J.N. Cropper, T.F. Hough, William Ball, Frank C. Ball, George Keiser, W.A. McNaughton, Martin Meeks, R.S. Gregory, W.E. Hitchcock, Austin Kerrin, J.A. Wilson, Suzane Thomas, W.L. Little, W.H. Moreland, Otto Holdren, Adolph Johnston, Milton Gray, Kemper Smith, E.B. Bishop, Margaret March, Lon Hickman, W.H.M. Cooper, Elizabeth Daily, Mrs. Dr. Whitney, Fred W. Heath, Lone Franklin, Frank Nickey, Everett Smith, W.W. Shirk, M.E. Vandercook, Eugene Vatet, Vernon Davis, Elmer Whitely, Jackson Meyers, J.E. Durham, W.A. Meeks, James Meeks, Taylor Eads, A. Martin, T.H. Johnson, Dr. Baker, J.W. Garner, Hugh Cowing, Charles Fudge, E.C. Steinle, Jefferson Ault, Clinton Milligan, Harry Sampsell, Arthur Smith, Ralph Zint, D.M. Shoemaker, Harry Winans, J.C. Wood, Walter Leach, Mrs. Austin of Albany, J.B. Fowler, Ed Bishop, Lissa Clifford, E.J. Wallace, R.M. Ball, E.E. Georgia, D.A McLain, Giles Collins, Harry Gill, J.W. Ream, R.H. Munshower, Ralph Hemingray, John M. Kirby, W.R. Snyder, J. R. Wick, Eugene Kelley, John Stephens, Charles Wood, William Dickie, Dr. Eskew, --- Upp, W.S. Richey, J.A. Goddard, Almira McCarty, Henry O. Klein, George F. McCulloch, J.H. McClung, G.W.H. Kemper, Arabella Winans, J.M. Barkley, Clark Gibson, Carl Spilker, J.N. Templer, A.J. Williams, Hardin Roads, Frances Clark, Misses Grace Keiser, Mae Heath, --- Brady, Emma and Lizzie Maring, Ella Jeffers, Jennie Neely, Hattie McCulloch, Helen Smith, Blanche Ralston, Anna Brennen; Messrs. W.H. Oxtoby, T.F. Hart, Thomas Neely, Harry Sampsell, R.M. Ball, George F. McCulloch. The following firms also contributed: Sterling Cash Grocery, Muncie Cereal......


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