Hemingray Glass Company - Muncie, Indiana

Muncie, Indiana, Experiences Biggest Payday Since the Panic


Publication: The Muncie Daily Times

Muncie, IN, United States


Biggest Pay Day in Muncie Since the

Great Panic.

Over $100,000 Distributed by the Banks

Among the Workmen of Many of the

Local Factories.

It is said that to-day the largest factory pay roll since the panic has been presented to the various banks for payment. Fully $100,000 is being distributed among the employees of the many Muncie factories to-day. Ball Brothers' factory alone distributes $15,000 of this amount. The factories for which this is pay day are Ball Brothers, Architectural Iron works, Muncie Wheel works, Muncie Iron and Steel works, J. H. Smith & company's, Bent Wood works, Hemingray's glass factory, Over's window glass factory, Whiteley Malleable Iron and Castings works, Gill Brothers' pot factory, J. M. Moody Lumber company, Indiana Iron works, J. A. Meeks' Handle factory, Midwest Steel works, Maring, Hart and company' glass factory, Muncie glass factory, Indiana Bridge works, Muncie Pulp works, Ontario Silverware Co., Port Glass Co., and the Muncie Casket factory.. Besides these, many other smaller concerns are paying to-day. It is estimated that by Monday night about three-fourths of the total amount will have found its way into the hands of the various merchants, building and loan associations, etc., of this city. One bank turned over $50,000 of the total amount.


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