Muncie City Council Meeting

Hemingray Bill Paid


Publication: The Muncie Daily Times

Muncie, IN, United States


City Has No Right to Appropriate Money

For Pingree Plan.

At last night's council meeting, City Attorney Warner reported he could find no law justifying the appropriation of $200 to aid in the operation of the Pingree plan in Muncie. He said the county commissioners could make the appropriation and Muncie could pay its share.

Mock & Baker were awarded the contract for improving Eighth street between Beacon and Penn streets. Resolutions were adopted for the improvement of Seventh street between Kinney and Liberty streets and Dwight street between Seventh and Eighth streets. It was decided to improve the alley between Mound and Proud streets north from Charles street.

The matter of improving the sidewalk on the south side of Washington street between Liberty and Cherry streets was referred. Mrs. John Mohler was given permission to build a brick sidewalk in front of her East Washington street property between Beacon street and Ohio avenue.

City Engineer Wood's semi-monthly report showed an expenditure of $1,326.04.

The following bills were allowed:

City Engineer Wood's report, $325.58; Bandy Plaining Co., 75 cents; Mock & Baker, $207; William Ebright, $2.75; John S. Moore, $70.30; Central Union Tel. Co., $1.90; W. J. Johnson, $7.50; J. L. Mitchell, $9; Westlake & Howard, $1.20; J. E. Lancey, $2.96; Western Electric Co., $22.16; Hemingray Glass Co., $15; J. W. Hedrick, $37.50; Jockey Club Shoeing Co., $3.08.


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