Ralph Gray Hemingray

Served on Reception Committee for State T. P. A. Convention


Publication: The Muncie Daily Times

Muncie, IN, United States


Everything Prepared For the State

T. P. A. Convention.

Cities Which Will be Represented Names

of the Committees and Other Members

of Post R.

Everything is ready for the eighth Indiana T. P. A. convention which will begin in this city to-morrow evening. It is not thought that Governor Mount can be present owing to his military duties at the capital city but Lieutenant governor Haggard will be here and will represent the state government at the meeting.

The committees have all completed their arrangements and expect the large number of visitors to have a gilt-edged time. Posts from the following cities will be present and represented in the parade Saturday morning: Indianapolis, Terre Haute, Richmond, Evansville, Kokomo, Marion, Wabash, Anderson, Logansport, LaFayette, Warsaw, Kendallville, South Bend, Crawfordsville, new Albany, Fort Wayne, and Vincennes.


The members of the committees who have worked so industriously for the success of the meeting are:

Finance, W. E. Hitchcock, George F. McCulloch, Milton Gray, A. L. Johnson, and O. B. Bannister.

Entertainment, H. F. Dungan, George F. McCulloch, F. L. Wachtell, A. J. Williams, and R. H. Munshower.

Music, F. L. Wachtell, J. R. Wick, and Milton Gray.

Badges, O. B. Bannister, C. M. Rich, and H. C. Kimbrough.

Progress, George A. Ball, C. F. W. Neely, Will M. Patterson, C. M. Rich, and Frank R. Thrall.

Press, Jesse G. VanWinkle and C. F. W. Neely.

Decorations, R. H. Munshower, Frank Harris, J. Lee Turner, and H. C. Kimbrough.

Transportation, W. H. Hitchcock, and R. H. Munshower.

Reception, James G. Thomas, Milton Gray, J. G. VanWinkle, Elmer Whiteley, Ralph Hemingray, Homer Highlands, Will Patterson, Frank Thrall, George A. Ball, Will H. Nation, C. F. W. Neely, C. M. Rich, H. F. Dungan, F. L. Wachtell, W. C. Greer, S. M. Shaffer, J. R. Wick, Will Sumption, F. F. Shinkle, H. C. Haymond, A. F. Howell, R. H. Munshower, W. E. Hitchcock, and O. B. Bannister.


The other members of the post not above mentioned are J. E. Crews, Frank Farquhar, J. A. Goddard, W. H. Goddard, A. H. Rich, M. F. Partridge, Eli Hoover, W. T. Seltz, L. Kilsheimer, I. T. Lake, C. E. Milligan, J. A. Meeks, A. E. Whitney, A. T. McElfresh, C. B. Keizer, C. Hanika, Eugene Kelley, C. E. E. Everett, Eugene Runyan, J. D. Smith, C. A. Anderson, C. T. Bartlett, O. L. Bartlett, David Cammack, W. H. Wilson, L. L. Turner, E. C. Modes, C. M. Turner, John Piel, John L. Smith, T. F. Hart, Edward Clarke, Edward Tuhey, Newt Powers, J. R. Marsh, R. J. Beatty, Melville Wood, Charles Wood, Carey Franklin, W. R. Morris, Jacob Keiser, Robert Lytle, Burt Whiteley, A. C. Heck, Charles Boldt, Isaac Humphrey, Frank Ball, J. C. Gray, William H. Gill, J. C. Johnson, W. A. Hartley, Will M. Hamilton, C. F. Heckenhauer, J. H. Smith, C. T. Dages, F. L. Tappen, D. T. Haines, Jr., and C. M. Kimbrough.


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Researcher notes:The TPA is the Traveler's Protective Association and is still active today. It mainly serves travelling salesman. The original objectives of this Association were to provide for its members the securing of special concessions from hotels, railroads and other transportation agencies and to trace grievances reported by the members.
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