Hemingray Glass Company - Muncie, Indiana

Order of March for Labor Day Parade, Muncie, Indiana


Publication: The Muncie Daily Times

Muncie, IN, United States


The Opera House Program Following The

Street Parade.

The Indiana Band has been engaged to escort and furnish music for to-morrow afternoon's parade which will move promptly at two o'clock over the following line of march: South on Walnut to Howard; thence west on Howard to High; thence north on High to Main; thence east on Main to Jefferson; thence south on Jefferson to Howard; thence west on Howard to Mulberry; thence north on Mulberry to opera house and disband.

The head of column and first division will form on Washington north of court house, head resting on Walnut, rear west. This division will be composed of visiting locals.

Second division will form on Washington, head resting on Walnut and rear east, composed of Green Bottle Blowers No. 12; Flint Glass Workers, No. 23; Flint Glass Workers, No. 91; Green Glass Pressers' Lodge, No. 1; Bar Tenders' Lodge No. 91.

Third division on East Main, head on Walnut and rear east, A. A. of I. and S. W., White Star Lodge No. 26; Window Glass Workers L. A. No. 300; A. A. of I. and S. W., Unity Lodge, No. 7; A. A. of I. and S. W. Muncie Lodge, No. 20; A. A. of I. and S. W., Midland Lodge, No. 24; Brick Layers' Union No. 9.

Fourth division will form on Jackson, head on Walnut, rear extending west, composed of Carpenters and Joiners Union No. 592; Painters and Decorators No. 65; Building laborers No. 4; Cigar Makers Union No. 308; retail Clerks Union No. 66, Grocery Clerks Union No. 210.

Fifth division on Adams street, head on Walnut, rear extending east, composed of Typographical Union No. 332, Bolt and Nut Makers' Union No. 6921, Laundry Employees' Union No. 6915, Street Railway Employees Union No. 81, Journeymen Tailors Union No. 234, Barbers Union No. 28, Musicians Union No. 39.

Sixth division, Charles, head on Walnut, rear extending west, composed of Stage Employees Alliance, Meat Cutters and Butchers Union, Iron Molders Union No. 377, Federate Labor Union No. 7056, Tool Dressers, Drillers and Rig Builders No. 6951, Plasters Union No. 83, Bakers Union.

The public speaking at the opera house will begin at 3 o'clock, M. D. Rochefort, national president of the United Mine workers of America will deliver the principal address of the meeting. Other speakers will be present.


Keywords:Hemingray Glass Company : Labor Relations : AFGWU
Researcher notes:Local Union No. 23, American Flint Glass Workers' Union, was comprised of workers from the Hemingray Glass Company.
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