Ralph Gray Hemingray

Served on Ticket Committee For Circus Day in Muncie, Indiana


Publication: The Muncie Daily Times

Muncie, IN, United States


June 3 is to be a Great Occasion For

Muncie And Delaware County.

La Pearl's Big Show, Under The Auspices

Of The Free Kindergarten Association

Will Entertain The Masses.

The small boy knows that a circus is coming. Great big posters as bright, as big, and as glowing in details as circus bills can be, have been put up about the city and through the county announcing the coming of the best show on earth. La Pearl's circus is one of the highest class shows on the road, having animals, fine horses, and a troupe of the greatest ring performers in the World. The usual good performance will be improved by the best circus talent of Muncie.

The local part of the program will not interfere with the circus as it is shown elsewhere. One ring is to be devoted to home talent, making three rings in all. The performers in this third ring have not yet been chosen but Manger Charlie Murray is negotiating with Muncie's performers and will doubtless gather together a fine collection of stars. Local people are to add to the side-show features, help make the parade more noteworthy, and appease the public's appetite for peanuts and lemonade. The day is to be a big one, if arrangements can make it such, and the combination of a good circus with the laudable purpose of the association should crowd the big tent at both performances.

The committees in charge are:

Disposition of tickets, Messrs. Thomas Ryan, A. M. Wagner, and C. M. Rich, Mrs. Will Marsh, and Mrs. T. F. Hart, assisted by Messrs. Frank Ball, R. J. Beatty, Ralph Hemingray, R. M. Ball, Edward Tuhey, John Kennedy, Milton Gray, John Stevens, C. M. Kimbrough, C. H. Over, Charles Boldt, Elmer Whiteley, John L. Smith, Frank Thrall, C. D. Hyde, John W. Port, Charles Baldwin, Rev. William Schmidt.

Program Mesdames J. E. Durham, John L. Smith, William Little, John Kirby, and Misses Edna Streeter and Linda Merriman.

Parade Mr. Charles Murray, Mesdames J. W. Ryan, T. F. Rose, Cy Neely, George McCulloch, Miss Merriman.

Booths Mrs. Frank B. Nickey; lemonade, Dante-class, Mrs. R. J. Beatty, chairman; coffee and sandwiches, Mrs. I. N. Trent and Mrs. Elmer Whiteley; peanuts and popcorn, Miss Bessie Williams and Mrs. Bishop.


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