Coming Convention, Green Bottle Blowers Convention, Branch 12 listed


Publication: The Muncie Daily Times

Muncie, IN, United States


Corrected List of Delegates to Last Week’s Close.

Length of Time Convention is in Session Dependent Upon Adjustment of Wage Scale.

The big convention of the Green Glass Bottle Blowers which will convene in this city next Monday will be one replete with interest for all members of the craft. Preparations are being made for the suitable entertainment of the guests in a manner that will conform to the past reputation of the city. The following is the list of the delegates corrected up to the close of last week:

Branch 1, Pittsburgh – Gebhart Sahner, Thos McDowell, Chas Jordan.

Branch 2, Alton, Ill – Louis E. Walter, Harry Jenkins, Alex McBride, Jas J. Mullen, Louis Arrington, Harry H. Lessner, Harry Halton.

Branch 3, Streater, Ill – C.O. Swanson, H. O. Moe, Louis Henne, Jr., Albert Stearns, John Buchner, F.G. Carison.

Branch 4, Philadelphia – John V. Sailor.

Branch 5, St. Louis, Mo – Michael J. Gill, Albert Sahner, Benj. Palmer.

Branch 6, Salem, N.J. – John P. Sullivan, Harry M. Ale.

Branch 7, Millville, N.J. – Wm. H. Hughes, Gordan R. Levake, Wm. S. Adams, Frank M. Edwards, Ferdinand Hudson.

Branch 10, Roysrford, Pa – Wm. C. Thompson.

Branch 12, Muncie, Ind – Harry McDonald, Wm. Connolly, George Thompson.

Branch 14, Woodbury, N.J. – Thos. D. Cunningham, Frank Pennington.

Branch 15, Milkwaukee, Wis – Anton Wentzell.

Branch 17, Massillon, O – John Kelleher, Chas C. Evans.

Branch 18, Montreal, Can – J.O. Sarasin.

Branch 25, Zanesville, O – Wm. F. Lewis.

Branch 22, San Francisco, Cal – John S. Hannigan.

Branch 23, Belleville, Ill – Eugene Mullen.

Branch 24, Newark, O – Wm. J. Dunlap, Andrew Engstrom

Branch 32, Clyde N.Y. – Edw. D. Martin

Branch 35, Albany, Ind – Joseph H. Pote.

Branch 38, Marion, Ind – Charles Vogel

Branch 39, Lockport, N.Y. – Mark Hamilton.

Branch 44, Olean, H.Y. – Geo. Ware.

Branch 47, Sheffield, Pa – Sylvester C. Brown.

Branch 52, Brooklyn, N.Y. – Thos. Dunn.

Branch 61, Gas City, Ind. – T.C. Moore.

Branch 62, Poughkeepsie, N.Y. – William R. Scull.

Branch 63, Williamstown, N.J. – Marshall Trout, Harry Crist, Wm Kell.




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