A Burgoo, William Gill's 50th birthday attended by Robert & Ralph Hemingray and James C. Gill


Publication: The Muncie Daily Times

Muncie, IN, United States

A Burgoo.


Yesterday afternoon a burgoo was given in the pleasant walnut grove on the Eber farm by Mr. William Gill, the well known glass-pot manufacturer. It was the occasion of his fiftieth birthday and was celebrated in a manner befitting the attainment of the half century mark. All the guests immensely enjoyed the succulent rations of the burgoo which was skilfully [sic] skillfully prepared by "Pap" Jenks, an experienced master of that delicious work of culinary art. Twenty pounds of turtle meat, ten chickens, and ten squirrels, vegetables in variety and other things that cannot be ennumerated, made up a lavish feast for the twenty-five guests present. The company consisted of the following: Robert and Ralph Hemingray, Charles Boldt, E. O. Ward, J. C. Abbott, R. T. Winters, Phillip Busch, Chris Heckenhauer, James Boyce, Charles Kennedy, Eli Hoover, F. L. Wachtell, William Patterson, J. K. Ritter, Frank Gill, D. A. McLain, H. R. Wysor, W. L. Ball, Frank Reed, J. C. Gill, John Leach, Dr. H. M. Winans, C. L. Bender, J. Q. Walling and Isaac Humphries.


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