Miss Carroll Hemingray

Attended Picnic at Gilbert's Grove


Publication: The Muncie Daily Times

Muncie, IN, United States

Yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock a number of young people drove over the river road west to a point near Gilbert's grove, where they enjoyed a jolly picnic. An ample feast had been prepared by the young ladies, and at no very late hour the picnickers did what they could to reduce the supply. The picnickers were: Misses Emily Olcott, Fannie Turner, Carroll Hemingray, Louise Anthony, Florence McNaughton, Bessie Ellis, Grace Johnson, Miss Sinyser of Ft. Wayne, Clara Gill, Clara Koons, Sarah Kirby, Maude Neely, and Messrs. Fred Harrington, Indianapolis; Carl Ganter, Akron, O.; Frank Gass, Robert Lytle, Dr. Wallace, Dr. Spickerman, Walter Howe, Carl Oesterlee, Ray Johnson, Charles Mavity, Will Myers, Walter Baker, and Albert Richey. The party was chaperoned by Mrs. Fred W. Heath.


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