Muncie City Council Meeting

Hemingray Glass Company Bill Approved


Publication: The Muncie Daily Times

Muncie, IN, United States


Bills Allowed and Little Other Business


Very little business of importance came before last night's session of the city council. The night was hot and the ten councilmen present who responded when the roll was called, made haste to see that what business did come before the body was hurriedly transacted. A petition to open the streets and alleys near and around the Ball Brothers' plant was referred to the committee on streets and alleys. The council was notified that the March addition to the city of Muncie, located near the old mound, would be opened in a short time. Dr. Ried, city health officer, made his regular monthly report for July in which it was shown that during the month there had been born twenty-one males and nineteen females, and there had died eighteen males and thirteen females. Bills were allowed as follows: Muncie Foundry and Machine Co., 50c; Hemingray Glass Co., $41.75; John Mohler, $9.00; George Moore, 50c; S. A. White, 50c; Andy Mock, $10.80; C. C. Moore, $1.10; City Engineer's pay-roll, $194.53; William Burford, $12.50; J. W. Hedrick, $37.50; William James, $6.37; Charles Sergeant, $3.00.


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