Miss Susan Ashley Hemingray

Will Attend School in Cincinnati, Ohio


Publication: The Muncie Daily Times

Muncie, IN, United States


Muncie Students to Depart for Their

Respective Schools.

As the September day are here and the hot weather theoretically if not actually is over, students prepare to resume their work in the schools and colleges all over the land. Muncie probably is as well represented in the institutions over the country as any city of its size and its local student population is said to be considerably greater than that of other similar cities. Below is given a list of the majority of students who will attend institutions of learning outside the city.

Purdue University will claim five young men - Walter Haymond, Arthur Kelley, Dwight Green, Lewis Hurst, and Orville Spurgeon. Three will go to DePauw, they being Miss Marian Wood, Will Thompson, and Will Wade. The Misses Mayme Kennedy and Kathleen Fay will attend Oxford College in Oxford, Ohio. Misses Agnes Howe and Sara Kirby will return to St. Mary's at Knoxville, Illinois. Misses Mayme Johnson and Hudie Smith will be in attendance at Miss Hazen's school for girls located about ten miles from New York City. Miss Sue Smith of Riverside will probably attend Fifth avenue school in New York City, though that has not been decided definitely. The Misses Isabelle Preston and Grace Johnson will go to Alsell Seminary in Auburndale, Massachusetts. Mr. Lloyd Kimbrough will be Muncie's sole representative in Harvard University. Ray Johnson will return to Chicago University. Miss Josie Jones will finish her course of violin instruction in the Chicago Conservatory of Music. Arthur C. Meeks will be a student in the United States School of Embalming in New York City. Arthur Murray will continue to be a student in Indiana University. Wilbur Huffer and John Jones will be in Hanover where they have been students for some time. Gilbert Jump will attend the Indiana Medical College at Indianapolis. Miss Estella Ball will attend Hamilton College, a girl's institution located in Lexington, Ky. Miss Inez Koerner will attend college in Delaware, Ohio. Miss Mary Willard will attend a girl's school in Oldenburg, this state. Miss Ashley Hemingray will attend a girl's classical school at Walnut Hills in Cincinnati. Notre Dame will have five students, they being Grover Davis, Lawrence Hart, John Ervin, John Kelley, and Leslie Brand.

The above list is not entirely complete and mention of the remaining students will be made later. The large majority are given above, however.


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