American Flint Glass Workers' Union - 1903 Convention - Cincinnati, Ohio

Dan Cummings and Edward Hice Represent Local No. 23 (Hemingray Glass Company, Muncie, Indiana)


Publication: The Muncie Daily Herald

Muncie, IN, United States



The flint glass workers' national convention opened this afternoon at Cincinnati. The headquarters are at the Burnett House. The convention will continue for several days. A large number of delegates are in attendance. A number of very important issues will be before the convention beginning tomorrow when the meeting will be under headway. One of these will be the amalgamation plan the flints and the glass bottle blowers' associations. James Burke, the executive official from this district, believes that the amalgamation plan will be successful and that the termination of the big meeting will record the going together of the two big organizations. Muncie's representatives believe also that the consolidation plan is a good course to pursue and they will vote for it to a man. The introduction of machinery is the chief cause for this measure, while the harmony would be strengthened. The Muncie representatives are as follows: American flints, Dan Cummings and Edward Hice, local No. 2 [sic] 23, Hemingray's; local No. 2, W. M. Clark, Martin Joyce, Paul Clark, and Paulio Martin, No. 115, John O'Brien, Jerre Sullivan, and James McClain. Glass bottle blowers Branch 12, John Mockier, William Conley, and William Kurtz; Branch 92, Dick Burke.

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