American Flint Glass Workers' Union - 1903 Convention - Cincinnati, Ohio

Green Bottle Blowers' Association President Opposes Amalgamation


Publication: The Muncie Daily Herald

Muncie, IN, United States



The flint Glass Workers' convention at Cincinnati is growing interesting. The matter of a new wage scale is not the chief feature. This it is claimed, will be settled however without any great discord or delay. There will be few minor changes but they will not differ very materially from the last years' scale.

The Green Bottle Blowers are assembling at the Place hotel where they will meet tomorrow. President D. A. Hays will be in attendance and he will be there body and soul, it is said, and furthermore there will be a general revision of the organization. In just what particular it is not given out but it is strongly hinted that a number of changes will be made. The consolidation of the two organizations which seemed imperative and assured a few days ago is said to be off entirely. It is claimed that President Bays of the Bottle Blowers' Association will not endorse the movement but will use all of his influence towards thwarting it. He is said to be followed by others who bitterly oppose the amalgamation and that it is of sufficient force to do away with the question.

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