Pass & Seymour

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Electrical Engineer

New York, NY, United States
vol. 10, no. 121, p. 237,241, col. 2,1-2



FOLLOWING the example of past years the various electrical supply houses took to Cape May this year most interesting exhibits of all the novelties which have been introduced to the trade this year. Every available parlor on the ground floor, and space in the large hall of the Hotel Stockton, was utilized for the purpose of showing exhibits, and though there was no power available, the showing was a very good one.



The above concern were represented by Mr. Seymour, himself a central station man and familiar with the requirements of the work. They have gone into the production of electrical chinaware at Syracuse, N.Y., and the productions shown are certainly such as to secure for them a large share of business. Their goods show the signs of thorough vitrification, and are of great strength, fine color and exquisite finish. Their plant is specially designed for this class of work, and their machine shop is fully equipped for die making, so that in those and other electrical novelties, a line of which they are now getting together, they bid fair to build up a large trade.


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Researcher notes:The report about Pass & Seymour was about their exhibit at the Annual Exhibition at Cape May, NY in Hotel Stockton.
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