Pass & Seymour Wiring Knob

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Publication: The Electrical Engineer

New York, NY, United States
p. 51

The New Pass & Seymour Wiring Insulator


We illustrate herewith a very interesting new form of wiring insulator, from Pass & Seymour, the manufacturers of china for electrical purposes, at Syracuse, N. Y. This new insulator does away with the unsightly "tie wire" and does not injure the insulation or make any short kinks in the wire. It will be noticed that the wire passes through the centre of the insulator. This effectually prevents the insulator from turning and throwing slack into the wire, as is the case when the wire is fastened to the side of the insulator. The screw required to fasten it is less than half the length required for other insulators of this class, and when the wire is in position it is hid. Wiring can be done very rapidly with it.


Pass & Seymour Wiring Insulator.


The insulators are fastened to the ceiling, the wire is passed under one lug and drawn taut, and then passed under the other lug, the slight bend in the wire holding it taut. The wire is also held a good distance from the ceiling, which prevents the deposit of dust. Such an insulator as this is destined to enjoy a large sale.


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