Brown Electric Company Cleat

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Electrical Engineer

New York, NY, United States
vol. XVI, no. 273, p. 95



The accompanying engraving illustrates the new Brown electric cleat which is being put on the market by the Brown Electric Company, of Boston. As will be seen, the two halves of this cleat are exactly alike, and that there is no necessity at any time for ordering two kinds to match each other, or having two kinds at hand when engaged on wiring work.


Brown Electric Cleat.


The cleat is made for either two or three wires, and is made of the best vitrified porcelain, and is protected by patent. It is extremely simple, and its operation requires no explanation.


Keywords:Cleat : Patent
Researcher notes:No patent is known for this insulator. It could be the Edward Clarke patent.
Supplemental information: Patent: 502,614
Researcher:Elton Gish
Date completed:December 21, 2004 by: Elton Gish;