Fred M. Locke

Pole Line Insulators

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electrical World and Engineer

New York, NY, United States
vol. XXXIV, no. 22, p. 831, col. 1 - 2



Pole Line Insulators.

The accompanying illustration shows several new types of pole line insulators made by Fred M. Locke, Victor, N. Y. The top insulator in the second row is designed for heavy street railway cable work, the insulator having a large hole in order to fit the large heavy steel pin on the left. The lower insulator in the second row is of the pony type for telephone line work. The two insulators at the right are for high-voltage lines, the glass one at the extreme right being designed for 4,000 volts, and is mounted on a steel pin with porcelain base.


Keywords:Fred Locke : U-3 : U-4 : U-930 : U-941 : CD 287
Researcher notes:Insulator top left is U-941. One below that is U-3 or U-4. In center is an insulator similar to U-930 except there is no center section with a threaded pinhole. A Brookfield glass base is cemented in the larger opening with sulfur. The glass insulator is CD 287.
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Researcher:Glenn Drummond
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