Edward D. Swasey

Served on Grand Jury


Publication: The Kentucky State Journal

Newport, KY, United States
vol. IV, no. 52, p. 4, col. 2



The regular April term of the Kenton Criminal Court commenced yesterday morning. Judge Perkins presiding and Commonwealth's attorney Cleary present. The following persons were appointed members of the grand jury: J. M. Kirtley, foreman; Henry Terlau, G. W. Howell, C. Asmann, Bernard Marshall, John Wolf, John L. Stephens, E. J. Hickey, Asa B. Gatewood, Alonzo Graves, W. L. Scott, W. M. M. Lee, John Gurney, Edward Swasey, William W. Walker, and Edward S. Riggs.

His Honor delivered a long and elaborate charge to the grand jury, the principal topic of which was in relation to the Sunday law.

The grand jury presented the following indictments: F. Miller, grand larceny; Fred Coleman and Edward Kohlman, malicious stabbing. The indictments against Charles Neville for house-breaking and larceny, and Catherine Carter for keeping a disorderly house, and Louis Shively and Belle Cunningham, fornication, were filed away.


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