Brookfield Glass Company

Fire at Bushwick Glassworks


Publication: The New York Times

New York, NY, United States


Caused by Collapse of a Chimney Fireman's Delicate Task


By the collapse of a chimney in the Bushwick glass works at Grand Street and Morgan Avenue, Williamsburg, shortly before 6 o'clock last night, the building was set on fire. Seven tons of molten glass were boiling in a crucible, around which the fire raged. There are about 200 men and boys employed in the place, and they all ran to the street.

The crucible is in a shed, with iron beams above it. Around it are layers of mortar. When the firemen reached the blaze it was explained to them if water was played on the crucible the mortar around it would crack, and with the spattering of the molten glass all persons near the retort would be burned. An additional alarm was sent out, and the fire was finally extinguished without the crucible being endangered. The damage is estimated at $2,000.

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