Indestructible Fred Locke insulator pin and triple petticoat insulator

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Publication: Electrical World

New York, NY, United States
vol. XXIII, no. 15, p. 511, col. 1

Indestructible Insulator Pin and Triple Petticoat Insulator

The insulator pin we illustrate possesses the advantage of being indestructible, easily attached, and instead of splitting the cross-arm, as does the ordinary driven wood pin, rather tends to preserve it. These pins will stand a strain of 1,800 pounds, while oak and locust pins break at 700 and 900 pounds respectively. The triple petticoat insulator shown, manufactured by the same firm, Fred M. Locke & Co., Victor, N. Y., is especially suited where high insulation is necessary, as it has an unusual length of insulating surface. This insulator has been largely used on high tension lines (up to 10,000 volts) and another style is made which, it is claimed, can be used with voltages up to 35,000.


Insulator and Pin.



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