American Flint Glass Workers' Union - Delegates to Atlantic City Convention

List of Delegates - Local Union No. 23 (Hemingray Glass Company Employees) Represented by John Dodd, George Madison, Peter Cannon

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Commoner and Glassworker

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 22, no. 36, p. 4, col. 1 - 3


Atlantic City Gathering Will Eclipse

Anything in Order's History

There is no question but what the convention at Atlantic City, N. J., in July will be the largest ever held in the history of the A. F. G. W. U. In the eight years Assistant Secretary William Clare has been in office the greatest number of credentials issued for a convention was 210. For the coming convention he has already sent out 238 credentials, and has yet to hear from a number of locals. Nearly every local will be represented, and the delegates are all men of a character that shows a careful selection has been made by the locals, so as to have the important questions coming before the convention handled by men thoroughly conversant with trade matters. The convention has lots of hard work before it. Atlantic City will be at its best at that time, so that any spare time the delegates may have can be put to the best use as far as recreation is concerned. Below is a list of all delegates reported elected to date. Less than a half dozen locals are yet to report:

1, Brooklyn, N. Y. - John W. Vogel, Jas. J. Manahan, Albert Chase.

2, Muncie, Ind. - John Pearce, Martin Joyce, Robert McCaffery.

3, Alexandria, Ind. - Thomas J. Conboy, Sebastian Fleser, Simon Burkhart, John Armstrong.

4, Pittsburg - Henry Schohe

5, Pittsburg - M. Greiner, Chas. Muncman, Jack McWilliams, Jacob Close, Albert Brezger.

6, Marion, Ind. - Frank Lauth, Thos. Flannerty, Patrick Murray, William J. Croke, Daniel McMamara, Peter Smith, Andrew Heckel.

7, Millville, N. J. - E. C. Beebe.

8, Steubenville, O. - John Douglas, Jos. Frye, Hugh McGinniss, Bernard Dyer, John Kinney, Ed Dixon.

9, Wheeling, W. Va. - William Hankey, Henry Leiner, Frank Lyons, Patrick Hoe.

10, Moundsville, W. Va. - Brock Brown.

11, Newark, O. - W. C. Leasure.

12, Pittsburg, Pa. - George Miller, John Evans.

13, Baltimore, Md. - Wm. Hosbach.

14, Blairsville, Pa. - Jas. McGinley, M. M. Connelly

15, Martin's Ferry, O. - Harry Barrett, Charles Brand, M. McGrail.

18, Millville, N. J. - M. S. Branin, Eug. Hand, Alex McMurray.

19, Philadelphia - D. J. McCarthy.

21, Pittsburg - D. W. Vaux.

23, Muncie, Ind. - John Dodd, George Madison, Peter Cannon.

24, Montreal, Can. - Patrick Kennedy, Mart Brennen, Bert Murrin, Cornelius O'Herron.

25, East St. Louis, Ill. - Harry Mackinaw, Thomas Grogan.

26, Bellaire, O. - Joseph Colbert, Wm. Cleaver.

27, Tallapoosa, Ga. - George F. Miles.

28, Toledo, O. - W. E. Creighton, Bernard Gerety.

29, Atlanta, Ind. - Christ Duffey.

30, Newark, O. - Michael Metzgar, Andrew Keenan.

31, Fostoria, O. - Joseph O'Malley.

32, Fairmont, Ind. - Wm. Weiranch, Jos. Trath, Jas. Keenan.

33, Gas City, Ind. - John McGuigan.

34, Bellaire, O. - R. W. Archer, Thos. Powers, Thos. Carney, C. H. Dankworth.

35, Marion, Ind. - D. D. Geisinger

36, Monaca, Pa. - Chas. Rainer, A. H. Bruce, John Sephton, Wm. J. Winkel.

37, Alton, Ill. - Ollie Lemon, Chas. Woods, Jos. Gormley, John Hurley, Geo. Demoth, Samuel Roberts.

38, Beaver Falls, Pa. - S. J. Heston.

39, Byesville, O. - John Sigward.

40, Marietta, O. - Wm. M. Dunfer.

41, Charleroi, Pa. - John Callahan, Frank Cavenaugh, Wm. Blythe, Wm. Schrum, George Hilbert.

42, Lockport, N. Y. - Charles W. Tharp.

43, Ellwood City, Pa. - Michael Dunn, Thos. McBride, H. Harris.

44, Alton, Ill. - Wm. Hildebrech.

45, Marion, Ind. - Joseph Kilkhof, Edward Healey.

46, Millville, N. J. - Ralph Barber, William Dorsan, Harry Wettstein.

47, Millville, N. J. - Samuel Cossaboon, Edward Hughes.

48, Tarentum, Pa. - Henry Long, John Dick, Jr.

49, Tarentum, Pa. - Chas. Eslip.

50, Elwood, Ind. - Fred Bernhardy, John Agnew, Dan Closz.

51, Kokomo, Ind. - Chas. Werline.

53, Wheeling, W. Va. - Chas. F. Craig.

54, Ottawa, Ill. - Fred L. Rude.

55, Washington, Pa. - C. T. Segner, W. H. McSwain.

58, Wheeling, W. Va. - C. M. Donley.

59, Wheeling, W. Va. - P. J. Scally.

61, Greentown, Ind. - Aug. Eckhardt, M. Ghery.

64, Philadelphia - Charles Shipman, J. F. Monahan, Wm. Troll, Bert Bridgehouse, John Kutler, John Rannagan, Wm. Gillooly.

65, Homestead, Pa. - Michael Umphrey.

66, Redkey, Ind. - Charles A. McGill.

68, Philadelphia - Hall Hackett.

69, Millville, N. J. - H. R. Finch.

70, Wallaceburg, Can. - Wm. Black.

71, Indiana, Pa. - Charles Brown, J. A. Johnson.

72, Millville, N. J. - E. J. Sithens.

73, Marion, Ind. - Wm. Shiveley, Joel Messick, Jas. McPhilliamy

74, Findlay, O. - Wm. Huch, Ernest Love.

75, Cincinnati, O. - John Bollinger.

77, Butler, Pa. - Joseph E. Vogel.

79, Philadelphia, Pa. - Victor R. Roth.

80, Coraopolis, Pa. - John O'Brien, M. H. Mansberger.

81, Toledo, O. - George Barber, John Lenchan, Lawrence Doyle.

83, Fairmount, Ind.- John McCulloch.

85, Newark, N. J. - James A. Ray.

86, Jeannette, Pa. - Peter Schaaf, George Apple, Frank Rinehart, Samuel Anderson, Jacob Trainer, Jacob Bentz.

87, Sharpsburg, Pa. - Henry Kunkle, Wm. Dell, Wm. Casey.

88, Anderson, Ind. - Herman Schentleman. Alternate, Wm. Beck.

90, Baltimore, Md. - Thomas Greiner, Frank Williams, Patrick Lavelle, George H. Shaw.

91, Muncie, Ind. - Geo. Wilson, John Hope.

92, Matthews, Ind. - Wm. Sullivan.

95, Zanesville, O. - George Ross, Jos. . Sullivan.

96, Steubenville, O. - George Ross, Jos. A. Sullivan.

97, Chicago Heights, Ill. - Thomas Harcum.

98, Matthews, Ind. - Jno. Hillenbrand.

99, Martin's Ferry, O. - D. J. McGrall.

100, Cumberland, Md. - James M. Conway.

101, Marion, Ind. - Patrick Kelly, Alex Neely; alternate, John Feeney.

102, Hartford City, Ind. - E. J. Packer.

103, Grapeville, Pa. - Jas. S. Tracey, Henry Bowers.

104, McDonald, Pa. - J. H. King.

105, Saltsburg, Pa. - James Neason.

107, Dunkirk, Ind. - Harvey Harshman, Jos. Kelley.

108, Beaver Falls, Pa. - Thos. Hare.

109, Hartford City, Ind. - Wm. H. Gerrard.

110, Marion, Ind. - John Tobin.

111, Jeannette, Pa. - John J. Fisher, Matt Youngman, E. Bauers.

112, Morgantown, W. Va. - Wm. O'Hara, Ross Leidy, Herman Anderson.

113, Everett, Pa. - Wm. Doughty.

114, Elwood, Ind. - M. J. Ward, Ed Hartman, Wm. Dietz, Harry Sheppard, A. Laudstorfer.

115, Muncie, Ind. - Frank Laffety, Herbert Young.

116, Summitville, Ind. - James Wilcoxan.

118, Summitville, Ind. - Bernard McCallister.

120, Somerville, Mass. - Thos. Fogerty.

121, Redkey, Ind. - James Jones, Edward Kelly.

126, Wellsburg, W. Va. - John J. Murphy, E. D. Mooney.

127, Lancaster, O. - Hiram Wood

128, Fairmont, W. Va. - B. E. Brown, H. C. Hunce.

129, Kane, Pa. - Wm. E. Over.

131, Charleroi, Pa. - H. J. Davey, W. J. Tipper, George Arnol.

135, Rochester, Pa. - John Halpin, Milo Hamilton, Michael Morgan, Wm. List, Jr.

136, Rochester, Pa. - Martin Harvey, John Kemper, Henry Schliter.

137, Cumberland, Md. - John Schellhaus, J. W. Coakley.

140, Rochester, Pa. - Emit Silverman.

141, Zellenople, Pa. - John R. Beck.

142, Reading, O. - John Fody.

144, Chicago, Ill. - H. H. Buckley.

146, Philadelphia, Pa. - John O'Donnell, John Haughey.

147, Upland, Ind. - B. H. Phillips.

Following locals will not be represented: 78, Rochester, Pa.; 132, Vineland, N. J.; 62, Mt. Pleasant, Pa.; 67, Sims, Ind.; 106, Jamestown, N. Y.; 94, Nobelsville, Ind.


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Researcher notes:This is an update of the list of delegates published May 18,1901.
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