Hemingray glass samples donated to University of Minnesota

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Publication: Annual report of the Board of Regents of the University of Minnesota to the Governor for the fiscal year ending December 29th, 1877

Saint Paul, MN, United States
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To the Honorable, the Board of Regents:


The University year 1876-7, began on the 18th day of September, 1876 and ended June 22d, 1877. The dates of the recesses and legal holidays, together with the names and residences of the officers and students for the year, may be seen in the Annual Calendar for the year.





The collections have been increased by the accessions from the geological survey and by limited purchases, as will be shown by the report of the curator, appended to the report of the geological survey. Meagre as is the display of objects in this establishment, it renders excellent assistance to instruction in more than one department and attracts and gratifies numerous visitors. I would respectfully ask attention to remarks in the last report touching the value of the museum and the means indispensable to its growth.

The special collections for illustration in the department of ancient languages, history, chemistry, and agriculture have been augmented by additions of much usefulness at inconsiderable expense to the Board. The acknowledgments of the Board are due for the following donations, made through Professor Peckham, to the


11 specimens of coal, 4 specimens of pig iron, Kanawha Valley, W. Va. Presented by J. D. Budd, Esq., Richmond, Va.

12 specimens of blastfurnace slags, iron ores and coal, from the Bellefont Nail Co., Ironton, O.

3 specimens of iron ores and puddling furnace slags from the Covington Rolling mill, Covington, Ky.

8 specimens of cullet and proofs of flint glass from Hemmingray's [sic] Hemingray's Glass Works, Covington, Ky.

2 specimens of English and French plate glass from Messrs. Beck & Rank, St. Paul.

24 specimens illustrating the manufacture of American Plate Glass, from the Star Glass Works, New Albany, Ind.

1 large specimen of silver ore, amalgam and core from Diamond Drill, from A. C. Rand Esq., Minneapolis.

1 large specimen micaceous iron ore, from J. A. Armstrong, Minneapolis.

1 large specimen Navassa phosphatic guano, from John Ott, Esq., Richmond, Virginia.

2 specimens of Minnesota and Dakota coal, from Hon. Wm. R. Marshall, Saint Paul.

4 specimens coal and coke from Gen. St. John, Richmond. Va.

19 specimens Virginia iron ore from R. Peckham, Esq., Richmond, Va.

1 specimen argentiferous galena, from Montana. T. M. Blossom, Esq.

28 specimens Rhode Island coals, ores and slags, from S. F. Peckham.

1 specimen of kaolin, from Greenwood Pottery Co., Trenton, N. J.

18 specimens drystals [sic] crystals and ores from gold mines near Georgetown, Col., from S. A. Rank, Esq.

100 lbs. magnetic iron ore, Port Henry Iron Ore Co., Port Henry, N. Y.

100 lbs. magnetic iron ore, Arnold Mine, Ferona, N. Y.

1 glass pot, Whitall, Tatum & Co., New York city.

1 bottle mould, Whitall, Tatum & Co., New York City.

26, specimens illustrating the manufacture of bottle glass. Whitall Tatum & Co., New York City.

15 specimens East India gums and spices from J. W. Rulon & Sons, Philadelphia, Pa.

18 specimens of varnishes and gums used in their manufacture, from Chas. C. Phillips, Philadelphia, Pa.

1 specimen mineral wool, from R. D. A. Parrott, Greenwood furnace, Orange Co., N. Y.

A large collection of cotton warps and yarns, prints in process of manufacture, materials used in printing, dye woods, etc., collected by S. F. Peckham, and contributed for the most part by the Georgiaville Manufacturing Co., Allen's Paint works and Richmond Manufacturing Co. of Providence, R. I., through their superintendents.

8 specimens of blocks used in hand printing about 1835, from Richmond Manufacturing Co., Providence, R. 1.

Specimens of pottery and materials used in its manufacture, from Mercer Pottery Co., Trenton, N. J.

1 specimen of rock salt from Louisiana. Hon. Richard Chute. Minneapolis.

Specimens of Cryolite and products manufactured from it, from Pennsylvania Salt Co., Natrona, Pa.

9 specimens of Stassfurth Salts from Stassfurth, Prussia, obtained through Herr Ernst Althans, Inspector of mines for Silisia, Besla, Silisia.

A collection of furnace products and ores with a diagram illustrating the metallurgical process employed at Freidrichutte near Tarnowitz, in Silisia; also obtained through Herr Althans. An exceedingly valuable collection.

A collection of more than 200 specimens of raw drugs, fixed and essential oils, glues, etc., from Messrs. Noyes, Bros, & Cutler, St. Paul.

A collection of ores and pig irons from Tennessee, Colorado and Lake Superior. Presented by Byron M. Smith, Esq., of Minneapolis.

A valuable collection of gold and silver ores from Colorado. Presented by E. S. Alling, of Ouray, Colorado.

Parties having ores or other technological products which they wish to donate to the Museum of Technology, will please address Prof. S. P. Peckham.


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