Samuel Oakman suit over glass works


Publication: The North Adams Evening Transcript

North Adams, MA, United States
vol. 5, no. 132, p. 8, col. 4

Cheshire Glass Works Case

The case of Samuel Oakman against William B. Baldwin and R. A. Burget occupied the attention of the Berkshire superior court yesterday, the plaintiff calling some witnesses to testify as to the quality of the goods manufactured while the glass works ran at Cheshire, and to some other details. The defense called yesterday both the defendants, Mr. Burget telling of the negotiations which led up to the forming of the agreement or plan of bringing the Oakman company to Bershire, and the concluding operations until the insolvency. He is a stockholder in a new glass company in Cheshire making bottles.

Mr. Baldwin also told of the interviews and correspondence he had with Mr. Oakman before investing his $8000, and a number of letters regarding the business from Mr. Oakman were read. He also has an interest in the new company.

Mr. Noxon for the plaintiff subjected each of the defendants to a short cross-examination. The arguments will come today.

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