James Stiff & Sons insulator

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Telegraphic Journal and Electrical Review

London, England
p. 412, col. 1-2



Messrs. Jas. Stiff & Sons, of London Pottery, Lambeth, exhibit a great variety of porous cells and cylinders, both red and white, also porous plates of all sizes. Their porous ware has for many years possessed a high reputation, and has been extensively used by some of the best electricians and telegraphic engineers.

Vitrified stoneware battery jars and telegraph insulators, of all the most usual shapes and sizes are also exhibited by this firm. These goods have stood the tests to which they have been submitted in the most satisfactory manner. Models of retorts, receivers, acid pans, condensing coils, and other chemical apparatus, in brown and white stoneware, are also shown. Messrs. Stiff & Sons gained prize medals at Paris, in 1878, and at most of the other international exhibitions.

The illustrations which we give show some of the varieties of battery jars, insulators, etc., which are amongst the exhibits.





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