F. Higgins' Oil insulator for shackles introduced by Johnson & Phillips

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Electrician

London, England
p. 207, col. 2


We illustrate herewith a form of fluid insulator adapted for shackles, which has been designed by Mr. F. Higgins, and is used on the lines of the Exchange Telegraph Company. The sketch needs very little description. It will be seen that there are two oil cups, and that externally the shackle is of much the usual form. Since the use of fluid insulators was first introduced by Messrs. Johnson and Phillips, their great value in cases which high insulation is required, or where exceptional difficulties are met with in maintaining insulation, has been repeatedly recognised. For over-house electric light wires some use has already been made of this form of insulator, and for such a purpose Mr. Higgins's shackle will often be very useful.




Keywords:Oil Insulator : Johnson & Phillips
Researcher notes:The patent for the Higgins insulator has not been located.
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