Langdon, Fuller and Fuller oil insulator patent

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Telegraphic Journal and Electrical Review

London, England
p. 210, col. 1


AN improved description of insulator has recently been patented by Messrs. W. E. Langdon, J. C. Fuller and G. Fuller. The inventors turn up the bottom or lower end of the inner tube or cup, A1, of the insulator, as at fig. 1, so as to form a cup or receptacle, A, at or near the base, or they form a groove in the lower edge of the outer tube or cup, B1, or in some cases both the inner tube or cup, A1, and the outer tube or cup, B1, may be formed with receptacles.




In the cups or receptacles melted paraffin wax or other insulating material is poured, which hardens in its place, and the exposed surface of such insulating material can afterwards, when required, be wiped clean from time to time.

By the use of these cups or receptacles containing a ring or rings of insulating material, it is claimed that a very perfect insulation between the wire and bolt is obtained.


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