Smith tree insulator with roller

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Publication: Electrical Review

New York, NY, United States
p. 6, col. 3

The Smith Insulator


We illustrate, in this issue, a very simple and ingenious device for the purpose of attaching insulators to posts, trees, etc. A difficulty presented in the use of insulators, on trees more particularly, is in the irregular way in which the wire has to be strung, turning more or less sharp angles, both horizontally and vertically. The Smith supporter has a joint whose members are ratchet-faced, so that after the shank has been screwed into the post or tree, the body may be adjusted to any desired angle, and there clamped securely. Another feature is the bearing roller for the wire. The roller is hung in a forked shank, well insulated, and thus longitudinal strain on the wire is prevented during the prevalence of high winds, which usually play havoc with the wires suspended in the ordinary manner. The new insulator is manufactured by Joseph B. Smith, of Manchester, N. H.





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