Article about Foree Bain

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electrical Industries

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 2, no. 2, p. 44, col. 1-2

The Bain Electric Manufacturing Co.

Mr. Foree Bain, the well known engineer and electrical expert, has become the president and consulting engineer of the Bain Electric Manufacturing Company, recently organized in Chicago. This company will make a specialty of the small motors designed by Mr. Bain, which are described in another column. The smaller motors from 1-12th to 10 horse power, the company will begin manufacturing at once and hereafter they will carry them in stock so that all orders can be filled without delay. Larger motors up to 500-horse power will be built to order. The company have just moved into their new quarters, Nos. 47 and 49 S. Jefferson street, and have there all the facilities which the latest improvements in machinery can give them. While Mr. Bain will continue his business as electrical expert and consulting engineer, he will also act in the latter capacity for the company and customers will thus have the benefit of his thorough knowledge and long experience in this field. The fact that the new company has at its head so experienced and practical an engineer as Mr. Bain is a sufficient guarantee that the company will grow rapidly in popularity and take a high rank among Chicago's successful electrical companies.


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