Buzby insulator

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Publication: The World's Progress

Cincinnati, OH, United States
p. 85, col. 1

Insulator for Electric Wire Supports.



The illustration clearly shows an insulator formed on a very effective plan, both for the ready application of the wire and its secure retention without adding special means for confining it. The insulator has a base flange and hollow body portion which permits placing it securely on the stud support. This latter has an annular enlargement carrying a spring catch, which, when the insulator is slipped down, will engage over the base flange and retain it from displacement. The vertically oblique side opening admits the wire when held inclined, but when the insulator is in position the normally horizontal portion of the wire will not permit it to get out of the oblique opening. These insulators are quite different from anything of the kind and possess advantages that would be clear to practical electricians. If preferred, the insulators can be threaded on the studs instead of the flanged base supports.

The inventor is Mr. Joseph F. Buzby, of Findlay, O.


Insulator for Electric Wire Supports.



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Researcher notes:The Buzby insulator is CD 141.8 and the threadless version shown here is CD 1037.
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