Graham & Gannane Insulator with External Threads to Secure Conductor

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electrical Review

New York, NY, United States
p. 91, col. 1-2



In the accompanying engraving is illustrated an improvement in electric insulators recently patented by Messrs. Graham and Gannane, of Chicago. The device is made of glass or porcelain provided at its top with a depression in which the wire is adapted to rest. A screw thread E is formed upon the upper part of the insulator, and metallic ring F threaded so as to screw down over the thread E, co-operates with a hook I having a loop at the top for surrounding the wire. As the ring F is screwed down it carries the hook with it and tightens the loop around the wire, thus binding the latter firmly in place in the notch in the insulator. The lower end of the insulator is provided with a recess so as to form a hood in a manner usually adopted in the construction of such devices.





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Supplemental information: Patent: 448,956
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