Gayner Glass Company, Salem, New Jersey

Gayner Will Rebuild Burned Down Buildings

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Bottle Maker

Camden, NJ, United States
vol. 2, no. 6, p. 15-16, col. 2-1


Gaynor [sic] Gayner Company Will Rebuild


The Standard and Jerseyman, of Salem, N. J., carried an item in its November 1st issue relative to the fire at the plant of the Gaynor [sic] Gayner Glass Company, which occurred on October 27, from which the following was gleaned:

"The buildings destroyed were the main warehouse, shipping platform and warehouse, two brick sheds and storage sheds. The roof of the power house was burned off but the machinery was not damaged. It was when this roof fell in that the main plant, where ware was in process of making, was crippled for it caused the air compressor to break at one of the joints. Machinists started immediately to make repairs and at the end of four and a quarter hours, to be exact, the blowers were at work again as if nothing had ever happened.

"The buildings destroyed were mostly of frame construction with corrugated iron roofs and were filled with ware, packing boxes, hay and paper containers.

"This is the first serious fire the Gaynor [sic] Gayner Company has had in thirty-two years. It is true they have had several small ones but were able to handle them with their own water system.

"The company will rebuild at once and on the site of the ruins modern structures will be erected. Temporarily the front part of the old Starr cannery at the foot of Broadway will be used as a box shop and this was started up this morning. The latest approved saws were in Salem soon after the fire to replace those destroyed, and these as well as other machinery have been installed. The rear or the cannery will be remodeled for a warehouse.

"The company has a large force of men clearing away the debris and when this is finished work on the new main warehouse along Front street will be started. The structure will be of concrete with fire walls at various intervals and little frame stuff will be used. With this completed other buildings will be erected."


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