Pass & Seymour Company

Shows the "Bug" Cut-Out

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electrical World

New York, NY, United States
p. 137, col. 3

Pass & Seymour, Syracuse, N. Y. Fig. 1 shows a fixture cut-out with a cover that can be removed to renew the fuse. It is small enough for the smallest canopy. There are spring connections for both wires and fuse. In case the gas leaks through the insulating joint of fixture is will not be set on fire, as the fuse is thoroughly protected by the cover. The cover is removed by turning the screws back one-half turn. Fig. 2 represents another form of cut-out similar to Fig. 1, but made straight instead of curved. It can be used wherever a single pole cut-out is desirable or where wires are run over moldings or cornices. Fig. 3 shows the same with the cover removed.


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