Brookfield looses lawsuit against the Elmer Glass Works

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Publication: National Glass Budget

Pittsburgh, PA, United States


Duffield Insulator Patents are Sustained by U.S. Court.


In its issue of September 22, the "Pioneer," of Bridgeton, N.J., says:

The well known Brooklyn glass firm, the Brookfields, are manufacturers of insulators and they have spent thousands of dollars in attacking in the courts any one who attempts their manufacture by the press process, claiming that all other machines infringe upon their patents. It has been said that no less than eight firms have been driven out of business by the suits of the Brookfields. Thomas C. Duffield, of this city, has for years been working upon an insulator machine that is an improvement upon the machines controlled by the Brookfields. When Mr. Duffield made his application for patents, he made certain claims for his machines which were allowed by the Commissioner of patents. Recently the Elmer Glass works have been operating the Duffield machine and they have been successful. The Brookfields had been successful in driving the Novelty Glass Company, of Elmer, out of business, and they went after the Elmer concern, putting forth the usual allegation that the Duffield machines were an infringement upon their machines.

The case has been vigorously contested in the United States District Court, the case being started before the late Judge Kirkpatrick, and continued before his successor, Judge Laning. The Brookfields were represented by Kenyan & Kenyan, while Mr. Duffields interests were ably looked after by Mr. Walter H. Bacon, of this city, and the celebrated patent lawyers, Mackenzie, of Washington.

Mr. Duffield puts forth fourteen claims for his machine which are apart and distinct from any other machine, and he is sustained by the court in each of his contentions. The decision in favor of Mr. Duffield is an important one, and will result in the machines being much used. Mr. Duffield has other machines of his own invention, which are doing fine in the glass trade.


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