Henry Floy accomplishes new high voltage record


Publication: Davenport Weekly Leader

Davenport, IA, United States
vol. 7, p. 1, col. 4

New Record in Voltages.


St. Paul, Minn., Oct. 15. A remarkable series of experiments was conducted here today by Henry Floy of New York, who successfully accomplished the feat of carrying 30,200 volts of electricity through an underground cable three miles long. The highest voltage hitherto attained was 20,000 volts, which was secured at Niagra Falls, and electrical engineers have long been experiments [sic] experimenting with a view to attaining a maximum of 25,000 volts.

The cable consists of three copper conductors, each about the size of an ordinary lead pencil, each being inclosed in a paper tube and the whole encased in a lead sheet and drawn through vitrified clay conduits. The cable is a part of the system by which the St. Paul Gas Light and Power Company will utilize the water power at Apple River, Wis., the other twenty four miles of wire being overhead. As a result of this experiment they will carry an average voltage of 25,000 volts, furnishing 5,000 horse power for lighting and power purposes.

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