Henry Floy being considered for Dean


Publication: The Syracuse Herald

Syracuse, NY, United States
vol. 31, no. 4255, p. 6, col. 1



Eminent Engineer Summoned by

the Chancellor


Henry Floy, an electrical engineer of wide reputation, came to Syracuse this morning and registered at the Yates. Inasmuch as the Chancellor had announced that he was already in negotiations with an eminent engineer to succeed Dean Kent, the coming of Mr. Floy, who has never had engineering work in this section, seemed significant. From the local trolley offices it was learned that there had been no call for Mr. Floy's services as consulting engineer in their work. As Mr. Floy left the Yates early this morning it was thought not unlikely that he might be at that time at the university. The Chancellor's office was called by telephone.

"The Chancellor's Office?"


"Is Mr. Henry Floy there?"


"May I speak with him please?"

Silence for a moment, then "Hello."

"Mr. Floy?"


"The Herald, Mr. Floy. We have a report that you are selected as successor to Dean Kent as head of the Smith College of Engineering at the university. Will you tell us whether you have been selected for that position."

"I have nothing to say about it at present."

Mr. Floy was a classmate of A. P. Fowler and C. Sedgewick Tracy. He was a fraternity mate of John Wilkinson. With him in Cornell were George L. Baldwin, A. R. MacFarland, Ernest L. White, L. C. Crouch, Charles E. Shinaman and a number of other Syracuse Cornellians.

Mr. Floy is one of the foremost consulting engineers in the country. He received his academic education at Wesleyan and was graduated from that university in 1889 with an A. B. degree. In 1891 he was given an M. E. at Cornell. Upon his completion of his course at Cornell he opened an office as consulting engineer in New York and has won special distinction as an electrical engineer in connection with hydraulic and high tension long distance transmission work. He is a member of the International Committee of Awards and in 1904 was a juror of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition.

He is president of the Henry Floy Company, the National Consolidated Company and is a frequent contributor to technical journals. Mr. Floy is also a member of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, the Illuminating Engineering Society, Phi Beta Kappa, Psi Upsilon and Theta Nu Epsilon fraternities.

He was born in Elizabeth, N. J., in 1866 and in 1895 married Alice Van Benschoten at East Orange, N. J. His present residence is also at East Orange.

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