Brookfield race by the Nassau Boat Club


Publication: The New York Times

New York, NY, United States
vol. 33, no. 10,215, p. 7, col. 4


The annual Spring regatta and ladies' day of the Nassau Boat Club took place on the Harlem River yesterday afternoon. There were hardly row-boats enough in the floats in the upper part of the river to supply the demand for the occasion, The steam-boat Harry Hill followed the club.

The pair-oared gig race was won by C.E. Schuyler, bow; R.D. Winthrop, stroke, and E.P. Johnson, coxswain. The Brookfield handicap single scull race for two prizes, presented by William Brookfield, was won by R.O. Morse. The fouur-oared gig race was won by H.R. Kretschmar, bow; H.O. Demorest, No. 2; R.F. Morrison, No. 3; A,P, Gould, stroke, and E.P. Johnson, coxswain. The eight-oared shell race was won by C.B. Goodhue, bow; R.H. Eggleston, No. 2; G.P. Green, No. 3; R. Murray, No. 4; W.B. Kemp, No. 5; C.E. Schuyler, No. 6; R.K. Foster, coxswain. The referee was Mr. Frank G. Brown, and the time-keeper, Mr. John H. Abeel Jr. After the regatta the winners proceeded to Nevin's Hotel, on Fourth-avenue at which place the prizes, handsome gold and silver cups, were awarded.


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