Daniel Carroll Hemingray

Necrology of 1911

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Crockery & Glass Journal

New York, NY, United States
vol. 75, no. 3, p. 25-26, col. 1-2


THE list of those connected with the interests represented by this journal who have passed away during the past year is as follows:

Peter Gross, 77, Saginaw, Mich.

Wilson S. Bernard, retired crockery merchant, Denver.

Daniel R. Hagy, of Hagy & Bittner, Reading, Pa.

Henry Hemple, United States Glass Co., Factory E.

Thomas Jenkins, 75, glass, Kokomo, Ind.

John J. Gavigan, pottery, Trenton.

Joseph Sutton, Sr., 62, Trenton.

Thomas Parish, 72, Newark, N. J.

Arthur Freund, 47, china decorator with L. W. Levy & Co.

Edwin Haviland, 78, china, Plainfield, N. J.

Arthur Gibb, 54, of Frederick Loeser & Co., Brooklyn.

Joseph Hare, stock man for L. Straus & Sons, City.

Edward B. Manning, 77, of Manning-Bowman Co., Meriden, Conn.

William Lawton, 67, lamps, Wilmington, Del.

E. Emile Kegreisz, 75, enameler, Woodhaven, L. I.

Robert Johnson Storey, 61, United States Glass Co., Pittsburgh.

J. Seth Hopkins, 73, Hopkins-Mansfield Co., Baltimore.

Henry Walker, 52, retired potter, Trenton.

William A. Crocker, 46, Stewart & Crocker, cut glass, City.

Harry N. Seabridge, potter, Trenton.

Edwin J. D. Brdley, china dealer, London, Eng.

George E. Newman, 81, retail crockery, Buffalo, N. Y.

Justus C. Strawbridge, of Strawbridge & Clothier, Philadelphia.

Dominick O. Cunningham, of the D. O. Cunningham Glass Co., Pittsburgh.

George E. Pauck, 35, of the Lambertville Pottery Co., Trenton.

George H. Bailey, 28, of Bailey Bros., chandeliers, Brooklyn.

Thompson P. Perine, 76, potter, Baltimore.

Ludwig Wolff, of the Monument Pottery, Chicago.

Miss Emma Leichner, with Leonard & Hobart Co., Grand Rapids.

E. Stanton Wells, potter, 41, Trenton.

Jonathan S. Bishop, crockery, 68, Brooklyn.

Horace Craighead, 68, lamp manufacturer, City.

Enoch J. Adams, 64, glass salesman, Pittsburgh.

John Kidd, potter, East Liverpool.

George W. Blair, 76, glass, Pittsburgh.

Michael Mayer, 62, cut glass, Port Jervis, N. Y.

Cornelius Henry Tiebout, 77, glass, Brooklyn.

J. H. Riordan, of the Anchor Art Glass Co., Cincinnati.

John F. Reyels, lamp salesman, 57, Brooklyn.

Harry H. Elverson, 35, pottery, New Brighton, Pa.

John Bernhard Miller, 76, glass, Washington, Pa.

Herbert Fitzgerald, 68, glass, Pittsburgh.

Marcus Sand Tarbell, 48, buyer of oriental art goods, Atlantic City, N. J.

Allan Magowan, 76, pottery, Trenton, N. J.

Gordon R. Crocker, 57, crockery, Syracuse, N. Y.

Charles L. Maguire, 41, pottery salesman, Mt. Gretna. Pa.

John A. Myers, crockery salesman, Brooklyn.

Abraham Abraham, 68, of Abraham & Straus, Brooklyn.

I Bentley Pope, 60, Pope-Gosser China Co., Coschocton, O.

Walter Nolan, Sr., potter, Trenton.

David M. Evans, 52, Brooklyn, with Mitchell, Vance & Co.

Edward latham, 59, potter, Trenton.

George P. McNicol, potter, East Liverpool.

Fred Westermann, 51, of Budde & Westermann, this city.

Frederick Loeser, 78, of Frederick Loeser & Co., Brooklyn.

N. A. Dutton, 54, with Edward Miller & Co., Meriden, Conn.

Arthur F. O'Connor, 46, cut glass, Goshen, N. Y.

Walther Hubbard, 83, of Bredley & Hubbard Mfg. Co., Burlington, Vt.

Adolphe Paroutaud, 40, china importer, Limoges, France.

C. Robb, 63, crockery and glass salesman, Pittsburgh.

Sanford H. Williams, with Haviland & Abbot Co., this city.

Geo. A. Gebhardt, of the Laurel Cut Glass Co., Jermyn, Pa.

Joseph A. Sohm, 61, of Sohm, Ricker & Weisenhorn, Quincy, Ill.

H. D. Law, 83, crockery merchant, Ashville, N. C.

David Jones, 81, glass, Kokomo, Ind.

Geo. W. Malthauer, 36, H. C. Fry Glass Co., Morgantown, W. Va.

Geo. B. Watkins, 59, Rochester, N. Y.

Leon Mandel, 70, of Mandel Bros., Chicago.

B. V. Henderson, 40, of Blakeman & Henderson, City.

James Ryall, 55, of Brox & Ryall, Port Jervis, N. Y.

W. C. Paramore, salesman, Indianapolis, Ind.

Col. James Slater, 77, crockery, Winston, N. C.

Samuel McKeever, 91, potter, Crooksville, O.

John Kubback, 46, Honesdale, Pa.

John J. Menzel, 55, Rookwood Pottery, Cincinnati.

Robert C. Farland, 60, glass, Melrose, Mass.

Miss Helen D. Bell, with S. A. Weller, Zanesville, O.

Cyrus D. Avery, 78, potter, Syracuse, N. Y.

I W. Nichols, potter, Trenton.

Thos. H. NcNicol, 49, Potters' Co-operative Co., East Liverpool.

Joseph L. Lanz, with Buffalo Pottery, Buffalo, N. Y.

Isaac B. Clark, potter, Wellsville, O.

Hyman Ackerman, crockery dealer, San Francisco.

Daniel Hemingray of the Hemingray Glass Co., Covington, Ky.

James George, Sr., 72, crockery, Braddock, Pa.


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Researcher notes:A list of the deaths of a large number of glass and pottery associated individuals who died during 1911.
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