Barberton plant not to be operated on insulators

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Publication: China, Glass & Lamps

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 26, no. 33, p. 5, col. 1

Akron, O., Sept. 13. From present indications the matter of the resumption of the defunct Barberton Pottery Co. is as far as it was when the plant closed its doors and passed into the hands of the trustee in bankruptcy. Up to this week it was believed by the owners of the plant, who bought it in at the trustee sale, that the plant would be taken over by a company to be known as the Electrical Insulator Co. A. L. Dyke, who is promoting the company, secured an option on the plant, but this option has lapsed and the owners, Messrs. M. O. Neil [sic] O'Neil, H. B. Camp and Ohio C. Barber, are now seeking other interests to take over the plant. An effort is being made now looking toward the organization of a company that will operate the plant as a white ware plant with a line of specialties. Several prominent pottery promoters have been consulted by Mr. O'Neil, and it is expected that within a short time some definite action will be taken whereby the plant will be taken over by a company and operations will be resumed. In order to accomplish this end the owners of the plant are making liberal concessions as an inducement for its operation. It was fully expected that the plant would be abserbed [sic] absorbed by the new insulator company, but according to the statement made by Mr. O'Neil this week the bottom has evidently dropped out of the plans that were made and the affairs of the plant are practically in the same shape as though no offer had been made for it.


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