Porcelain Plants to Consolidate

[Trade Journal]

Publication: China, Glass & Lamps

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 31, no. 15, p. 3, col. 1

Newsy Items of General Interest Gathered by Our

East Liverpool Correspondent.

East Liverpool, O., May 3. According to information made public here today the initial steps for the consolidation of the porcelain plants in the United States with a few exceptions will be taken today at a meeting of porcelain manufacturers in Trenton, N. J. On some unknown business trip, Harry Peach and F. B. Dyke, of the Electric Porcelain Co.; J. C. Quilken, of the Ohio Porcelain Co., and G. F. Brunt, of the Brunt Porcelan Co., left this city last night for Trenton, where it is said they are meeting with other porcelain manufacturers from Trenton and points in the west today. The plan is, it is said, to form a holding company, which will purchase the interests of the different concerns and operate the business. All porcelain plants in this city, excepting the R. Thomas & Sons Co., are said to be interested.


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