L.P. Roberts is promoting an insulator factory for Gaston, Ind

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Publication: China, Glass & Lamps

Pittsburgh, PA, United States

Promoting an Insulator Factory.


L. P. Roberts and George R. DePeugh, of Muncie, Ind., met with business men and citizens of Gaston, last week, to discuss the proposition to locate an insulator factory at that place. Mr. Roberts recently patented an insulator which eliminates the necessity of tie wires, and makes the construction expenses considerably cheaper. This insulator has never been on the market and he is looking for a place to locate a factory.

No definite steps were taken by the business men, as the meeting was principally to get the men to explain their patent. The proposition now rests with the business men and citizens of Gaston. It is asked that Gaston citizens subscribe to stock in a company which has been formed by the promoters.


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