Concerning the Electrical Porcelain Trade

[Trade Journal]

Publication: China, Glass & Lamps

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 31, no. 3, p. 11, col. 1

Concerning Electric Porcelain Trade.


A well known electric porcelain pottery manufacturer is authority for the statement that 50 per cent more electric porcelain goods are made today than there is demand for, and yet the number of plants are on the increase. The same manufacturer also declared that there can only be one result, and that is, prices tumble every time a new plant is placed in operation. A meeting of the western porcelain manufacturers was held recently when it was planned to make all standard pieces in the same manner. The report of this meeting was sent to eastern manufacturers, who have plants in the Trenton territory, and it is reported they are agreeable to the proposed changes.


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