Biography of William Brunt

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Crockery & Glass Journal

New York, NY, United States
vol. 32, no. 24, p. 146, col. 1-2

WILLIAM BRUNT was born in Staffordshire, England, June 11th, 1831, and came to this country with his father's family when but eleven years of age. After living on a farm in Illinois for five years, his father moved his family to East Liverpool, and William commenced work in the late George S. Harker's pottery. When a young man, with is brother-in-law, the late William Bloor, he went to Arkansas and invested in a large herd of cattle which were driven across the plains, through Utah, to California. Upon returning to East Liverpool he worked for a short time in his father's doorknob factory. In 1857 he married a daughter of the late Sanford C. Hill. In 1860 he bought and improved the pottery now owned by George Morley & Son. In 1862 he bought the pottery that had been built and started as a porcelain manufactory by William Bloor, which he has since gradually enlarged to its present extensive capacity. In 1864, Mr. Brunt entered the army as captain of Company I, 143 O. V. I., and served in that capacity until the regiment was mustered out at the close of the war. He then resumed charge of his pottery, and while conducting it individually he caused the Great Western Pottery to be built, and in which he had a controlling interest until the works were sold to J. Wyllie & Son. He also bought and enlarged, and for several years retained an interest in the Dresden Pottery Works. A few years ago he admitted to his pottery business his son, William S. Brunt, and his son-in-law, B. M. Louthan, under the firm name of William Brunt, Son & Co. Mr. Brunt has been one of the substantial, progressive pottery manufacturers of the country. It has been his ambition to keep up, in all particulars, with the growing demands of the crockery trade. The quality, style and variety be regarded as one of the representative pioneer potters of East Liverpool. He has also been a leading business man of this city in other ways. He was instrumental in having the Potters' National Bank organized, and of which he has ever since been president. He can listen to the "treacle" story once every year, and never get tired.


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