Potteries Flooded Out; Brunt knob works listed

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Crockery & Glass Journal

New York, NY, United States
vol. 33, no. 9, p. 27, col. 1



The Ohio river has been on a boom since my last letter, and the waters rose steadily until they intruded all the river potteries from four to six feet. The following potteries were flooded out: The Globe Pottery Co., Wassace & Chetwynd, the Harker Pottery Co., Homer Laughlin, the C. C. Thompson Pottery Co., Rowe & Mountford's new china works, Baggott Bros., Brunt's Knob Pottery and Cartwright Bros. The Golding Flint Mills, the Specialty Glass Works and the Burgess Bone China Works were also overflowed. The waters rose to within three feet of the great flood of 1884, but in this case much was saved by the experience of the former flood. The C. C. Thompson Pottery Co. are undoubtedly the heaviest losers. However, all the potteries are now cleaned out, and Monday morning will see them producing goods as usual. The waters began to subside Thursday morning at an early hour. The mud left in the potteries from this flood was not near so thick nor sticky as that of 1884, but the past three days have been the biggest dish-washing days East Liverpool has seen for seven years. All hands who wanted a job at washing dishes could get it. The flooding out of the water works caused all the potteries, even those on high ground, to shut down, as no water could be had.


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