The Ohio Valley Glass Company, Bridgeport, Ohio


[Trade Journal]

Publication: Oil, Paint and Drug Reporter

New York, NY, United States
vol. 24, no. 24, p. 11, col. 1

The Ohio Valley Glass Co. has been incorporated. The principal office is at Bridgeport, O., where the factory will be located. The capital stock is $25,000, with the privilege of increasing to $50,000. It is the intention of the new concern to manufacture green glassware, bottles, flasks and fruit jars. The corporators are Jacob Boney Steele, William Kcohline and C. M. Rhode, of Bridgeport; Louis Franzheim and Jacob W. Berger, of Wheeling. C. M. Rhode is president, and Louis Franzheim is secretary.


Keywords:Ohio Valley Glass Company
Researcher notes:This company is not to be confused with the company that manufactured insulators in Pleasant City, Ohio.
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